Though no one really gives it a second thought when they’re on the road, here’s the deal: you’re operating a multi-ton machine powered by explosions underneath the hood. Well, we’re technically referring to the internal combustion produced by most cars on the road (electric vehicles notwithstanding), but our point still stands — driving is a serious affair.

What Should You Do When the Unexpected Occurs on the Road?

The thing is, most people drive every day because they pretty much have to. Driving isn’t seen as a big deal; it’s simply a way to get around. So, when the unexpected happens and you collide with another vehicle or find yourself parked on top of a puddle of steaming coolant on the side of the road, it’s probably going to blindside you a little bit. Who do you call in a situation like that?

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We’ll give you a hint: it’s not the Ghostbusters. Let Holy Rollers Auto Repair bail you out! Our Pensacola mobile mechanic service comes to you — regardless of where you’re broken down — to help get you safely back on the road. We’ve made mobile auto repair easy; simply contact us, tell us what’s going on, and we’ll take care of the rest!

In the interest of making sure that you arrive at your destination safely, here are some essential tips that all drivers should consider.

Eliminate Distractions

We’re not saying that distracted driving is drunk driving, but it sure is more dangerous than completely alert, sober driving. Smartphones are great, but they serve as a dangerous distraction when you’re at the wheel. That song change can wait until you’re stopped!

Really, driving is the worst time to multi-task. All of your attention should be focused toward driving at all times including looking at your mirrors, your speedometer, checking your blind spots, and, of course, looking at the road directly ahead of you.

Keep Your Vehicle Stocked With Basic Supplies (Just In Case)

Are you familiar with ICE? No, we’re not referring to the 90s hip-hop artist Vanilla Ice. This simple acronym stands for “In Case of Emergency” (prepositions be damned in acronyms). Adopt and embrace this mentality of emergency preparedness before you drive anywhere, even if it’s just a couple miles down the road to the grocery store and especially if you’re going on an extended road trip where a breakdown could leave you stranded for a while.

Your vehicle should be well-maintained, but you as the driver should also be well-maintained. That means packing the car with essential supplies including fresh drinking water, snacks and nonperishable goods, a first aid kit, blankets/pillows, extra water bottles, and anything else that could make your trip more comfortable.

Additionally, stock your car with items like jumper cables, maps, a phone charger, waterproof matches, flares, and chains or something to help with traction. Who knows when you’ll need to get yourself out of a sticky situation or even bail someone else out who’s stuck on the side of the road.

In any case, our traveling mechanics can get you back on the road as well. But why not be prepared?

Don’t Drive When You’re Feeling Tired

Just…don’t drive under the influence of sleepiness. Tired driving greatly slows down your reaction time and overall cognition to the point of where you’re practically emulating a drunk driver. Not only are you putting yourself at greater risk, but also other innocent drivers on the road. We understand that you’re probably trying to crank out miles on a time-sensitive road trip, but it’s always worth pulling over to the side of the road or checking into a hotel to sleep as opposed to hurting yourself and other people in an accident.

Allow Yourself Enough Time to Get Places

With convenient traffic apps like Waze, you can get a good sense of how long it’s going to take to arrive at your destination. Running late leads us to drive more aggressively, take risks, and ultimately be an unsafe driver. By taking your time, you’ll drive safer by default and you won’t be as stressed out when you encounter traffic.

Always Wear Your Seatbelt

There’s really no need to elaborate on this point. Your seatbelt will save your life. Use it.

Don’t Speed or Change Lanes Aggressively

These tips should go without saying, and anyone who’s been through driver’s ed (or has seen road signs before) certainly knows not to do these things. However, that doesn’t seem to stop a lot of people who are in a rush or driving in an emotional state.

Remember that it’s always better to reach your destination late than never make it at all because you got in an accident.

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